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Quotients and weakly algebraic sets in pseudoeffect algebras

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Title: Quotients and weakly algebraic sets in pseudoeffect algebras

Authors: HaiYang Li JiGen Peng

Abstract: In the paper, we show that the quotient ½E I of alattice-ordered pseudoeffect algebra E with respect to anormal weak Riesz ideal I is linearly ordered if and only ifI is a prime normal weak Riesz ideal, and ½E I is a repre-sentable pseudo MV-algebra if and only if I is an inter-section of prime normal weak Riesz ideals. Moreover, weintroduce the concept of weakly algebraic sets in pseudo-effect algebras, discuss the characterizations of weaklyalgebraic sets and show that weakly algebraic sets inpseudoeffect algebra E are in a one-to-one correspondencewith normal weak Riesz ideals in pseudoeffect algebra E:

Publish Year: 2012

Published in: Soft Computing - Springer

Number of Pages: 8

موضوع: جبر

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