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Interface-Based Object-Oriented Design with Mock Objects

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Title: Interface-Based Object-Oriented Design with Mock Objects

Authors: Nandigam, J.; Gudivada, V.N.; Hamou-Lhadj, A.; Yonglei Tao

Abstract: Interfaces are fundamental in object-oriented systems. One of the principles of reusable object-oriented design, according to Gamma et al., is program to an interface, not an implementation. Interface-based systems display three key characteristics - flexibility, extensibility, and pluggability. Designing with interfaces is therefore a better way of building object-oriented systems. Getting students in introductory software engineering and design courses to program to interfaces and develop interface-based systems is a challenge. This paper presents our experiences with the use of mock objects to promote interface-based design and effective unit testing in software engineering and design courses.   

Publish Year: 2009

Publisher: ITNG - IEEE

Number of Pages: 6

موضوع: طراحی و تحلیل شی گرا

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