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Graph Semantic Based Design of XML Data Warehouse: A Conceptual

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Title: Graph Semantic Based Design of XML Data Warehouse: A Conceptual Perspective

Authors: Anirban Sarkar Sankhayan Choudhury Narayan C Debnath

Abstract: This paper has proposed a Graph � semantic based conceptual data model for XML based Data Warehouse (DW) system called GXDW model, to conceptualize the different facets of multidimensional databases which may contain semi- structured data. The model is an extension of object oriented paradigm and defines a set of graph based formal constructs, variety of relationship types with participation constraints. It is accompanied with a rich set of graphical notations those are used to specify the conceptual level design of semi-structured data based DW system. The proposed approach facilitates modeling multidimensional data with the existence of irregular, heterogeneous, partially organized and unordered data set. Moreover, a transformation mechanism also has been proposed for guiding the transformation of GXDW model schema into the related set of XML documents.   

Publish Year: 2012

Published in: INDIN - IEEE

Number of Pages: 6

موضوع: انباره داده (Data Warehouse)

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