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Title: Design of Command, Data and Telemetry HandlingSystem for a Distributed Computing Architecture CubeSat

Authors: Sharan A Asundi Norman G FitzCoy

Abstract: Among the size, weight and power constraints im-posed by the CubeSat specification, the limitation associatedwith power can be addressed through a distributed computingarchitecture. This paper describes such a distributed com-puting architecture and its operational design in the form ofcommand and data handling system and telemetry formulation,adapted for a CubeSat whose power requirements for provingthe mission are significantly larger than the on-orbit averagepower generated. The 1U CubeSat with the mission objective ofprecision three axes attitude control is composed of a low powerflight computer and a high power, high speed auxiliary processor(CMG controller), along with a high capacity battery. Theprecision sensors, actuators and complex computing algorithms,are interfaced and implemented on the high speed auxiliaryprocessor, which is operated intermittently. Health monitoringsensors, transceiver and other housekeeping tasks are interfacedand implemented on the flight computer, which is in continuousoperation. To facilitate effective operation and telemetry pack-aging, each computing unit is designed to host a storage device.The flight software, designed as operating modes, is distributedacross the two computing platforms. Distributed operationsare initiated through the flight computer and executed on theauxiliary processor. The paper describes in detail the distributeddesign of these operating modes as flowcharts and the associatedtelemetry budget as tables.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: Aerospace - IEEE

Number of Pages: 14

موضوع: پردازش توزیع شده، محاسبات توزیع شده

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