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Title: Quantum Cryptography: A New Generation of Information Technology Security System

Authors: Sharbaf, M.S.

Abstract: Quantum cryptography is an emerging technology in which two parties can secure network communications by applying the phenomena of quantum physics. The security of these transmissions is based on the inviolability of the laws of quantum mechanics. Quantum cryptography was born in the early seventies when Steven Wiesner wrote _bstagConjugate Coding_bstag, which took more than ten years to end this paper. The quantum cryptography relies on two important elements of quantum mechanics - the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle and the principle of photon polarization. The Heisenberg Uncertainty principle states that, it is not possible to measure the quantum state of any system without distributing that system. The principle of photon polarization states that, an eavesdropper can not copy unknown qubits i.e. unknown quantum states, due to no-cloning theorem which was first presented by Wootters and Zurek in 1982. This research paper concentrates on the theory of quantum cryptography, and how this technology contributes to the network security. This research paper summarizes the current state of quantum cryptography, and the real-world application implementation of this technology, and finally the future direction in which the quantum cryptography is headed forwards.   

Publish Year: 2009

Published in: ITNG - IEEE

Number of Pages: 5

موضوع: رمزنگاری کوانتوم

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