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Title: Automatic Abstract Service Generation from Web Service Communities

Authors: Xumin Liu,Hua Liu

Abstract: The concept of abstract services has been widelyadopted in service computing to specify the functionality ofcertain types of Web services. It significantly benefits keyservice management tasks, such as service discovery andcomposition, as these tasks can be first applied to a smallnumber of abstract services and then mapped to the large scaleactual services. However, how to generate abstract services isnon-trivial. Current approaches either assume the existenceof abstract services or adopt a manual process that demandsintensive human intervention. We propose a novel approach tofully automate the generation of abstract services from a servicecommunity that consists of a set of functionally similar services.A set of candidate outputs are first discovered based on prede-fined support ratio, which determines the minimum number ofservices that produce the outputs. Then, the matching inputsare identified to form the abstract services. We propose a setof heuristics to effectively prune a large number of candidateabstract services. An comprehensive experimental study onreal world web service data is conducted to demonstrate theeffectiveness and efficiency of the proposed approach.   

Publish Year: 2012

Publisher: ICWS - IEEE

Number of Pages: 8

موضوع: کاربرد وب سرویسها

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