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Traffic Information Based Power Saving Mechanism

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Title: Traffic Information Based Power Saving Mechanism

Authors: Ju No Han, Seong Gon Choi

Abstract: This paper proposes the standby power saving mechanism that the user can terminate home network appliance (Le. Personal Computer) power and standby power at the remote site. Generally, for the power management of the home appliance, it has to be put through the physical contact. In the proposed mechanism, the smartphone is offered the power on/off state information of the home network appliance on a real-time basis. The user can transmit the power-termination order to the home network appliance through the smartphone. If the home gateway receives the power-termination order from the smartphone, the power-termination order is sent to the home network appliance and the standby power is blocked. Its power and standby power can be blocked through the method to be proposed even through the user is not physically contacted with the home appliance. That is, the proposed mechanism gives convenience to the user in electric power management aspect. In addition, the power saving can be done, because reducing the unnecessary operation time and blocking the standby power of the home network appliance.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: ICACT - IEEE

Number of Pages: 4

موضوع: مهندسی برق – الکترونیک

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