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The Current Status of Medical Physics in Asia-Oceania

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Title: The Current Status of Medical Physics in Asia-Oceania

Authors: TS Suh

Abstract: Asia has a diverse cultural and economical background. Asia-Oceania Federation of Organization for Medical Physics (AFOMP) was born in July 2000 during the World Congress 2000 in Chicago. The aim of AFOMP was to provide a solid relationship and useful information for closer collaboration and mutual support among the AFOMP members. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the status of medical physics in Asia-Oceania providing the information of organization, regional congress, the status of medical physicist, etc. One of major role of AFOMP is to support the development of medical physics in Asia region. To improve the status of medical physicists in Asia, a goal-oriented action plans is required: especially, developing advancement of medical physics in developing countries, strengthening the education, training and professional development of medical physicists, and promoting good relations and the exchange of information with other international related organizations through regional congress and website etc.   

Publish Year: 2009

Published in: IFMBE - Springer

Number of Pages: 2

موضوع: فیزیک پزشکی

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