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Indoor Air Quality Control for Energy-Efficient Buildings Using

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Title: Indoor Air Quality Control for Energy-Efficient Buildings Using CO 2 Predictive Model

Authors: Zhu Wang and Lingfeng Wang

Abstract: In this paper, an intelligent control system for indoor air quality in energy-efficient buildings is proposed. The goal of intelligent air quality control for energy-efficient buildings is to maintain the indoor CO 2 concentration in the comfort zone with a minimum amount of energy consumption. In this study, the CO 2 concentration is used as the indicator of indoor air quality and a CO 2 predictive model is utilized to forecast the indoor CO2 concentration. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is applied to derive the optimal ventilation rate. As compared with the traditional ON/OFF ventilation control system, the performance of the proposed intelligent control system has demonstrated its advantage in terms of energy savings. A case study and corresponding simulation results are detailed in the paper.   

Publish Year: 2012

Published in: INDIN - IEEE

Number of Pages: 6

موضوع: کنترل کیفیت (Quality Control)

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