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Reconstructing a Fragmented Face from a Cryptographic Identifica

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Title: Reconstructing a Fragmented Face from a Cryptographic Identification Protocol

Authors: Andy Luong, Michael Gerbush, Brent Waters, Kristen Grauman

Abstract: Secure Computation of Face Identification (SCiFI) [20]is a recently developed secure face recognition system that ensures the list of faces it can identify (e.g., a terrorist watch list) remains private. In this work, we study the consequences of malformed input attacks on the system-from both a security and computer vision standpoint. In particular, we present 1) a cryptographic attack that allows dishonest user to undetectably obtain a coded representation of faces on the list, and 2) a visualization approach that exploits this breach, turning the lossy recovered codes into human-identifiable face sketches. We evaluate our approach on two challenging datasets, with face identification tasks given to a computer and human subjects. Whereas prior work considered security in the setting of honest in-puts and protocol execution, the success of our approach underscores the risk posed by malicious adversaries to to-days automatic face recognition systems.  

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: WACV - IEEE

Number of Pages: 8

موضوع: پردازش تصویر، رمزنگاری

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