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A survey of skyline processing in highly distributed environmen

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Title: A survey of skyline processing in highly distributed environments

Authors: Katja Hose Akrivi Vlachou

Abstract: During the last decades, data management and storage have become increasingly distributed. Advanced query operators, such as skyline queries, are necessary in order to help users to handle the huge amount of available data by identifying a set of interesting data objects. Skyline query processing in highly distributed environments poses inherent challenges and demands and requires non-traditional techniques due to the distribution of content and the lack of global knowledge. This paper surveys this interesting and still evolving research area, so that readers can easily obtain an overview of the state-of-the-art. We outline the objectives and the main principles that any distributed skyline approach have to fulfill, leading to useful guidelines for developing algorithms for distributed skyline processing. We review in detail existing approaches that are applicable for highly distributed environments, clarify the assumptions of each approach, and provide a comparative performance analysis. Moreover, we study the skyline variants each approach supports. Our analysis leads to taxonomy of existing approaches. Finally, we present interesting research topics on distributed skyline computation that have not yet been explored.  

Publish Year: 2012

Published in: The VLDB Journal – Springer

موضوع: پردازش توزیع شده (Distributed Processing)

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