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Comparative Study of Traditional Requirement Engineering and Ag

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Title: Comparative Study of Traditional Requirement Engineering and Agile Requirement Engineering

Authors: Asma Batool , Yasir Hafeez Motla , Bushra Hamid , Sohail Asghar, Muhammad Riaz , Mehwish Mukhtar, Mehmood Ahmed

Abstract: Traditional RE and Agile RE are two different approaches on the basis of their planning and control mechanism. This Paper distinguishes the Traditional RE and Agile RE. Furthermore it investigates the reasons for which software industries shifted from Traditional RE to Agile RE. Research is carried out by conducting a literature study and finally a case study of software development to evaluate which approach has better success rate than other. With the help of our finding and results we have evaluated that Agile RE performs better than Traditional RE in large organizations where changes evolve throughout the development phase of software life cycle. Keywords- Requirement Engineering , Traditional Requirement Engineering, Agile Requirement Engineering, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Obj ect Oriented Development, Requirement Elicitation, Requirement Analysis, Requirement Management, Software Requirement Specification.   

Publish Year: 2013

Published in: ICACT – IEEE

موضوع: مهندسی نرم افزار

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